Nose Right A Scam Or is Rhinoplasty?

The Nose Right is a tool that claims to reshape your nose without actually having to get a nose job. The product claims to reshape the nasal cartilage with current "medical" pressure to make it smaller. Even thought this sounds outrageous, there has been people who actually made their nose smaller and reduced their nasal hump! BEWARE of fake copies of Nose Right, the Nose Right is the only product to reshape your nose without surgery and all other copies are scams. The Nose Right only works!

It works because your nose is made mostly of cartilage and cartilage can be reshaped. Cartilage is made of chondrocytes which is a flexible matrix that can be reshaped.

Posted by Marti on December 17, 2010

Why Don't Plastic Surgeons Suggest this?

Plastic surgeons charge thousands of dollars for rhinoplasty and the Nose Right costs around 12 dollars. If plastic surgeons mentioned this then they would go bankrupt! Who would pay 5,000 dollars for something that they can possibly do with the Nose Right?

Posted by Ethan on December 13, 2010